I am often asked how I got into business of design, I didn’t.
The business got into me.

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I am a Designer, Hotelier, Entrepreneur, Adventurer & Developer. I established Della Group in 1991 with a core belief that
anything we design or create should be unique, inspirating, path-breaking and should improve the lives of as many
people as possible.

Our design must be validated by our conscience on the ecological implications and must add a new dimension of global
design. Under the Della Group umbrella, we have launched 6 business verticals, Della Adventure,
Della Resorts, DATA, Della Villas & Della by Jimmy Mistry.

Having learnt the Design Thinking methodology from the stalwarts of the design industry and implementing the best
practices, I am now venturing into a unique business vertical of DELLA TALKS.

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My Businesses

"The common factor between all is design"
Driven by the vision to excel, Della Group has scaled great heights in the field of design & entrepreneurship. Committed to advancement
and innovation we constantly look for means to reinvent ourselves & set fresh standards.

Luxury Della Hotel

DellaTM by Jimmy Mistry

  • India's First Mono Brand Luxury Interiors Experience Store
  • Della Concept Stores Pvt Ltd
  • Brand Launch Year: 2020

Jimmy Mistry’s contribution to the field of design along with his pioneering concepts has brought about a disruption in each of the verticals. With 23 years of unmatched experience and expertise in research, design, manufacturing, supply and execution our designs are created with the commitment of passion, purpose, sensitivity and humility.

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Della Hotel
Della Resort

DellaTM Resorts

  • India's Finest Experiential Gen Next Hospitality
  • Della Adventure & Resorts Pvt Ltd
  • Brand Launch Year: 2009

Who would have thought that a person with no background in hospitality would create a benchmark in “Experiential hospitality” which challenged the status quo of conventional hospitality standards in the country? Jimmy Mistry has created this unique holiday destination known as Della Resorts which can truly be acknowledged as a paradigm of success in Indian hospitality and has brought about distinctive experiences with his design methodology and concepts.

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Della Adventure
Della Adventure Sports

DellaTM Adventure

  • India's Largest Extreme Adventure Park
  • Della Adventure & Resorts Pvt Ltd
  • Brand Launch Year: 2009

Having spent 18 years designing corporate projects, and gaining recognition and exposure worldwide, Jimmy Mistry felt an absence for a place which would appeal to adventure enthusiasts who are looking for an adrenaline rush. We engage you with activities such as motocross, zip line, swoop swing etc. that would blow your mind. So, don’t miss an exciting day with your family at Della Adventure.

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Della DATA
DATA Swimming Pool


  • India's First Military Themed Luxury Resort
  • Della Adventure & Resorts Pvt Ltd
  • Brand Launch Year: 2017

Jimmy believes that there lies an inherent need to ignite passion and a feeling of patriotism amongst citizens of the country. His ardent passion and a vision to equip Indians with the necessary mental conditioning and survival skills led him to create D.A.T.A.

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Della Villa Garden
Della Villas

DellaTM Villas

  • India's Finest Luxury Second Homes
  • Della Enclave Pvt Ltd
  • Brand Launch Year: 2008

Having executed projects for the who’s who of corporate world, understanding their lifestyles and aspirations, Jimmy Mistry believed there is immense scope in luxury second homes gated communities in an otherwise extremely competitive real estate segment which led to his foray into the luxury second homes business with Della Villas.

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My Team

Today with over 2000 employees & 2 and half decades of legacy, we have laid a strong foundation of goodwill & trust.
We are surging ahead in various enterprises & venturing into new avenues of design creation.

Jimmy Mistry at Parsi Community Team


Giving back to the people, community, society and the country
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