Jimmy Mistry

Founder, Della Group

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If great business is a coin - innovation and social impact must be its two sides. quote-b

Jimmy Mistry, CMD, Della Group

In Conversation


Talking Design with Ratan Tata

A panel discussion focusing on several key areas of design including opting for a people-centric approach, the role of the government in the systematic shift, brainstorming ideas about slum rehabilitation, community living & urban fabric development.

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Inspiring The Youth with BeerBiceps

Jimmy joins his host on The Ranveer Show inspiring future generations of entrepreneurs with the story of his endeavour to rise to the top through hard work, knowledge and design innovations.

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TEDx Talk

At TEDxBITSGoa, Jimmy took the audience through the journey of how the business of design excited him and drove him to innovate his craft and expand into developing. He also talks about D.A.T.A and its aim to help civilians ignite their passion towards the country and the need for that in this age.

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From the Ground Up: A Brief History


Awards & Accolades Received For His Work

2800+Honorary Committee Members

Innovator of World’s First Business Platform

3.5Million sq.ft

Architectural & Interior Design Marvels

160 +

Indian & International Acclaim Clients

26 ; 15

Formed Committees and Global Chapters of World’s First Business Platform

2500 +

Luxury Interior Products

150 +

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2000 +

Employees With A Common Vision


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Nitin Gadkari



"I always say that you can donate eyes but not vision. In today's post-pandemic world, the conversion of knowledge to wealth is the future of the country, and that makes the training and support of entrepreneurs very important. With DLC, that is exactly what we can expect from Jimmy and others like him and I am confident that this will create a new vision for the young leaders of the world".

Thomas Heatherwick

Thomas Heatherwick

Architect & FounderHeatherwick Studios

"For decades, businesses have managed to get away without really tuning into people's emotional experience. Jimmy is very special as a business leader, because as someone who is a designer himself, he's really understood the emotional journey that people are on and is one of the few people working towards a social purpose that is business purpose, and is now bringing like-minded people together to make the world better".

Steve Rodgers

Steve Rodgers

President & CEOPrudential California Realty

"Jimmy has massive vision that radiates not only from where he's standing but globally, all around the world and the launch of Della Leaders Club was just a little taste of what he has in store and mind for the global impact that he's going to make".

Vivian Lines



"In every problem there is an opportunity and in every opportunity there is 10 times more opportunities to be discovered. I must congratulate Jimmy for finding the opportunity to turn his idea into a strategy and using his expertise to execute that at this global scale. I am very proud to be working with him and Della Leaders Club".

Social Entrepreneur