“Welcome to the era of Maximalism where mid-century modern designs have taken over Minimalism”

Jimmy Mistry is the driving force and inspiration behind the practice. His passion for Architecture and design has been reflected in creation of every project. His adroit edifices have let no room for doubt and firmly focus “At Della, we create very unconventional, research-oriented and inspirational designs, which are extremely process oriented.”

Jimmy Mistry believes in “Whatever we design or create must improve the lives of as many people as possible. Our designs must be validated by our conscience on the ecological implications and must add a new dimension of global design to the cityscape; be it township, a building or an interior”.

He inspires all inspired in architecture, art and style and shows us what can be done when one is committed to testify the boundaries of architecture, urbanism and design. Till date, he has transformed several cultures into dynamic environments and crafted many value propositions into experiences from major master planning to large scale architectural projects.

“Our commitment to quality is reflected at every level-be it person, process or product; taking pride in the professional quality of our design, we diligently pursue excellence in every business vertical” briefs Jimmy Mistry about quality excellence.

Transforming the roots of conventional architectural wisdom and carve a niche for himself; through his work he has proved beyond doubt that it doesn’t necessarily take a degree from an elite design school to set new benchmarks in design. He has reached a level of undeniable notoriety in India and continues to move ahead.

Fostering teamwork, Jimmy Mistry says “We consistently strive to provide opportunity to grow and develop both personally and professionally giving our employees the winning edge;
Our company culture is based on a single basic principle, to treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. It is the ethic that underlines every interaction with our guest, our business partners and every Della employee”