Dining Restaurants
The Future of Design within Hospitality

As the upcoming generation is well-versed with going fully digital. They tend to incline more towards experiential hospitality. The awareness within people, brings in a sense of responsibility to keep up with the current trends, exotic ambience or the life of nature around. With more focus on experience during their visit whether for stay or a good meal.

Every Growing Greens:
Here at Della we believe that people senses need to be stimulated. It would be an understatement to say that people’s senses need to be stimulated. The Villa Bistro at Della Adventure severs the best ambience with a variety of cuisine. The design on whole revolves around nature. The bird cage pavilion strikes an aura of tranquillity and visual charm to the outdoor seating. This solves the equation of eating out with a view peacefully. When speaking about design trend, this one incorporates many elements such as more greenery with the art of topiary, sustainable decor with rattan stems and the cocoon swing to bring back the glee of childhood and glamping style experience.

Local & Personal:
The much-loved local cuisine North Indian and Malvani is the melange of several cooking styles from different roots within Maharashtra. This culinary journey is depicted through warmer metals and hammered tones. The theme of the restaurant revolves around vintage equestrian: barrel-shaped tables and leatherette chairs. The bar takes the centre-of-attention with dull-led lighting and humongous barrel giving it the touch of rough luxe. The great thing about this intimate beauty is it hides the imperfection and ages well.

Experiencing 24:
The commitment to design thinking is reflected at every level at Della. This has been articulately translated in the designs of various restaurants that provide fine-dining at Della.
The splendid Café 24 is the coffee shop of the resort featuring a blend of flavours from around the world. Concurrently, turning into a fine dining restaurant in evening alongside elaborate fast-food, dessert and beverage selections Café 24 is perfect example of offering slick, casual yet chic décor. The restaurant holds relaxed, modern aesthetics lavish interiors with sophisticated seating area and open bar. The Décor experiences a crystal horse in the fine dine area. The iconic rain chandelier which is an outstanding amalgamation of dropped shaped crystal glass suspended on stainless steel wires forms the silhouette of a leaping horse. For Mr. Jimmy Mistry, a good design is something that creates an element of awe or surprise and the crystal horse that reposes in the Café, managed to do that. The lightings here play a huge part in the overall feel. The mood lightings and decorative fixtures add another layer of verve to the aura here. The outdoor of the café has a magnificent swimming pool alongside elegant design furniture and the evenings are for people to enjoy music, open air, cocktails, live screening of matches and virtual games, and a pool table.

The Persian Heritage:
The design trend that never gets antiquated is “Space” trend. Space should have an impersonator purpose. Parsi Dhaba, one such example giving a new meaning to the Dhaba purvey enriching dining experience with the view of the adventure park from colossal glass panelled windows overlooking the restaurant lawn. The accent of the dhaba starts from the Fravashi Idol positioned just at the approach of the Dine area. The modern and traditional elements come together in the dining area wherein carefully selected Parsi delicacies are served. The perfect round chandeliers are ideal for an enchanting illumination. Adding a touch of nature, is the bold black horse floor lamp and rabbit table lamp that imparts a fairy tale style charm to the space. The luscious green outdoor brings the whole area to life adding freshness and natural beauty to space. Green Design and Space Design Trend is the balance that reflects in this Dhaba. The Dhaba offering experiential hospitality is innovatively conceptualised and designed by Jimmy Mistry making sure there is correct stability with the relation of the food, the interiors and the design that reflects customer experience at pre-eminent level.

It is not just about designing a place anymore. Design is about fabricating an experience for the customer that flows from check-in to sleeping, into bathing and dining. Looking at the needs and preferences of modern travellers, we know the importance of embracing the motivation and leisure style of millennial travellers has to be a balance between comfort while providing with “picture ready” aesthetics. Cleverly planned designs that aesthetically matches the hotel/resorts appeal ensures that hotel’s guests with a smile. At Della, we create very unconventional, research-oriented and inspirational designs, which are completely process oriented.

Every industry constantly thrives for innovation and the vision of Indian hospitality sector has always been attached to its roots of traditions. From food to decor each part of it is weaved in the culture of India. People are always touched with the personalization severed to them. We believe that a trend that is here to stay is the integration of all things local whether it is embracing art and the craftsmanship or culture of offering prayers. The expectations of visitors are to be high as the technology impact increases; the modern traveller wants to see more in less time.

Swimming Pool
Design behind DATA

D.A.T.A. Resort, India’s first and only military-themed glamping resort, features high-end interior supplies from Della by Jimmy Mistry that help create an unrivalled military living experience, setting 5-star standards even in the middle of the jungle. The D.A.T.A. building, engineered entirely out of shipping containers is rendered in camouflage with meticulous attention.

The glamping resort comprises of 27 ultramodern 500 sq. ft. military styled tents that are outfitted with two double beds and boldly designed ottomans with AK47 rifle bases that completes the theme. The bedside table, bar, TV panel, study desk & chairs are designed in refined wood with accents of olive green & animal print. The state-of-the-art bathrooms covered with stunning black tiles include twin vanity counters, a shower cubicle with a LED rain shower, steam room and whirlpool massage Jacuzzi that complete the ensemble. A walk-in closet equipped with a robust safe furnishes the bathroom, guarded by a wooden door and grenade shaped handle. The gun table lamp, lustrous pendant light and minimalist mood lighting give the room a warm glow. The patio of every tent offers an outdoor setting with folding chairs, tables and boat hammocks overlooking the greenery. Adorned with exquisite crystal chandeliers, the 120-seater Maratha banquet accommodates utilitarian furniture spread across a conspicuous carpet for lavish dinners, relaxed get-togethers and corporate events.

A rustic passageway spruced up with military themed hanging helmets and Royal Enfield bikes set up as installations along the way to the 80-seater Salaam Manekshaw Restaurant which is a tribute to the legendary Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw. The military theme flawlessly flows through the indoors and outdoors of the restaurant with army green tufted-back seating and industrial tables not missing out on the minutest of details such as the quirky grenade-shaped salt and pepper shakers.

The Gurkha Lounge is designed as a tribute to Sam Manekshaw’s unit - Gurkha Regiment. A compact bar and an open glass panelled kitchen extend to the pool side deck which is embellished with a carved wooden horse and rattan mushrooms. Cantilever parasols canopy the teakwood tables and slatted chairs while loungers are placed around a pit fire and stools that provide an added seating or as convenient end tables. The bird cage pavilions with chairs and tables are exalted with ambient lights and lush foliage while the swimming pool boasts of floating bars stylishly completing the outdoor experience.
The magnificent landscape design of the resort features a beautifully lit, paver pathway enveloped with flora leading to the resort reception. The reception with ornate chairs, sofa and centre table is flanked by a souvenir store and bar which are fabricated out of trucks rendering a military style appeal. The brilliant exterior lighting secures the perimeter ensuring complete safety even in the middle of the jungle. This glamping resort offering experiential hospitality is innovatively conceptualised and designed by Jimmy Mistry.