Speaker — Jimmy Mistry

Passionate about his work, his team, his community and the impact that his businesses can make, Jimmy is always humbled by the opportunity to share his knowledge, experiences and insights with his peers and the world.

Jimmy Mistry featured on Bloomberg Markets Asia

Our Founder and CEO, Jimmy Mistry was interviewed on Bloomberg Markets Asia (Hong Kong) for the India Focus Segment. Anchored by Haslinda Amin (Bloomberg TV Singapore) & Yvonne Man (Bloomberg TV Hong Kong), Jimmy discussed how the Covid-19 Pandemic impacted India’s Hospitality industry Della Adventure and Resorts & his moment to pivot into launching the World’s 1st Business Platform - Della Leaders Club.


Jimmy Mistry on Luxury Management & Design

Webinar Wall with their first virtual education conclave invited Mr. Jimmy Mistry, CMD, Della Group to share his thoughts on Luxury management and Design. This session was moderated by Ms. Urvashi Nanda, LSE and Industry insights were shared by Mr. Abhay Gupta, Founder & CEO, Luxury Connect.


Careers in Communication Design - Edutainment Show

Edutainment Show welcomed Mr. Jimmy Mistry, CMD, Della Group to share his thoughts on Careers in Communication Design. This session was moderated by Ms. Ashwini Deshpande, Co-founder and Director, Elephant and Industry stalwarts, Mr. Rajesh Kejriwal, Founder CEO, Kyoorius Group and Ms. Chaity Tan, Visual Communication Designer, Raffles Design International to guide and nurture the creativity in communication design.


Standardization of the Smart Home Technology | SmarthomeExpo

SmarthomeExpo welcomed Mr. Jimmy Mistry, CMD, Della Group to discuss on Standardization of the Smart Home Technology and Market in India. An Immediate need of the hour?


Lighting - Transitioning to a Brighter Future with Jimmy Mistry - Lighting Summit

In the International Lighting Summit 2020 by Acetech, Jimmy Mistry, CMD, Della Group discussed insightful points and views for Lighting - Transitioning to a Brighter Future in architecture and design.


Reboot and Refresh with Jimmy Mistry - HRJohnson India, Inside

HRJohnson India and Inside welcomed Mr. Jimmy Mistry to discuss about how this phase has helped to refresh, introspect and rethink design.


Future of Weddings Post Pandemic - Wedding Wire India

What's the way forward for the Indian wedding industry post-pandemic? In a rendezvous with WeddingWire India, the leading names of the industry from Mumbai and Pune share priceless insights on how weddings post COVID-19 will be navigated.


Motivational Moments with Jimmy Mistry

Jimmy Mistry, CMD, Della Group in this session strongly supports Design Thinking as a tool and recommends holistic coming of the Design Fraternity to identify and help ease current problems.


Workspace Design with Jimmy Mistry - Surfaces Reporter

Surfaces Reporter welcomed Mr. Jimmy Mistry to discuss about offices must-have design interventions to make workspaces efficient for us.


Design Thinking by Jimmy Mistry at ISME, ISDI, ISDI WPP and DICE Hospitality

Under the leadership of Dr. Indu Shahani and immaculately designed 1,50,000 sq.ft finest education facility, it was indeed an interactive session with the faculty and students from Management, Hospitality and Design.


Igniting passion for the country | Jimmy Mistry in TEDxBITSGoa

Jimmy Mistry believes that there lies an inherent need to ignite passion and a feeling of patriotism amongst citizens of the country. Watch his full speech at TEDxBITSGoa of him sharing his “Youreka” moment.


The Man Behind Vision of Della Z. P. Primary School

Jimmy Mistry, The Man Behind The Entire Vision of Della Z.P. Primary School, shares his vision for the school


Jimmy Mistry at iGEN Design Forum'18

Jimmy Mistry, CMD, Della Group, started a panel discussion at iGEN Design Forum, 2018. He also won an award in the same design forum, 2018.


Keynote by Jimmy Mistry for Business World Magazine’s ‘Future of Design’ Awards

The presentation “Design as a Multiplier in Business” encompasses our principal designer & Managing Director, Jimmy Mistry’s design journey from 1996 covering his personal design favourites & those lined up for the near future.


Jimmy Mistry at Realty Plus INEX Video

Mr. Jimmy Mistry, CMD, Della Group shares his views at Realty Plus Interior & Exterior Awards, 2018


Introducing Della D.A.T.A. to families & corporates

Della Adventure Training Academy is a brain-child of Mr. Jimmy Mistry, a renowned Designer, Hotelier, and an Entrepreneur. It offers a one-of-its-kind adventure experience meant for all experiential travelers, be it FITs, Family & Friends or Big Groups of Corporates. The beautiful location and hospitable team make it a great option for a peaceful weekend getaway from the city.


Jimmy Mistry Introducing India's 1st Extreme Adventure Park

Della Adventure was born of a simple desire: A desire for a bonding place; especially for Corporate India, and is based on the Zoroastrian philosophy of GOOD THOUGHTS, GOOD WORDS, GOOD DEEDS. Della Adventure Park is India’s largest Extreme Adventure park with 70 plus adventure activities.Della Adventure Park in Lonavala is one of the best weekend getaways near Mumbai and Pune, it has everything to keep you excited with its various adventure activities for individuals as well as for groups.


On Set Design of TEDx Gateway'13

TEDx Gateway salon - 4th edition in Mumbai at NCPA Theatre. Stage designed by Jimmy Mistry to depict and he voiced out “Green Conservation” to create a better tomorrow for the world through innovation. The stage also featured experts from multiple fields like- Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Stan Lee, Itay Talgam, Jonathan Rives, Dr. Sarah Kenderdine, Dr. Devi Shetty, Kusum Kumari, Yashraj Khaitan, Sharad Devarajan, and Angad Daryani.


Discussing Journey & Inspiration at TEDx Delhi

Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Jimmy Mistry sharing his journey and inspiration at TEDx Talk, Delhi of creating Della Tower and various other notable projects that are extremely close to his heart.


Jimmy Mistry talks on Della Tecnica's Design Philosophy

Jimmy Mistry, Principal Designer and CMD at Della By Jimmy Mistry talks about Design Philosophy.


I am often asked how I got into business of design, I didn’t. The business got into me.

Mastermind Talks with Jimmy Mistry, Ideal Home 2020

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Jimmy Mistry

This Self Made Millionaire's Story Will FIRE YOU UP

The Ranveer Show

Mr. Jimmy Mistry shares his pathway to success and his beliefs in life with Ranveer Allahbadia aka Beerbiceps. Wherein, the upcoming generation gets motivated for different phases of life.