A Pioneer of many firsts, Jimmy Mistry never let the discouraging scoffs of competition get in the way of him successfully setting new standards in Design, Architecture and Development. Over the years, he’s managed to have his name across designs for some of India’s giants and forayed into Real Estate with Della Tower and then hospitality where Della Resorts, Adventure Park & Villas bring to life his vision for modern design and its marriage with luxury.

Della Tower

The idea behind constructing this tower is to display great variety, both structural and aesthetical, each developing gradually and coherently out of prior traditions and experience of ancient Iran and portraying the past glory through non-judgemental and creative vision.

This grand, very modern and luxurious residential tower stands tall today in the face of departed historical grandeur in the city of Mumbai. It is based on the ancient Achaemenian design and style. The architectural structures at Persepolis and Pasargade are the inspiration for this awe inspiring building, which today is a living exhibition of Persian architecture and the ancient Zoroastrian faith.

Della Villas

With a belief that there was an enormous scope in luxury second homes gated communities in an otherwise extremely competitive real estate segment, Jimmy developed Della Villas with a singular aim to give experience like never before.

There isn’t a single national real estate company that specializes only in second homes across India.

With Jimmy’s extensive expertise of design and build of nearly two decades, Della Villas was a result of his passion for design with two characteristics: an obsession for Luxury and Uniqueness. Using democratic designs, Jimmy created affordable luxury in the form of Della Villas within a 5 star luxury resort. Thus giving the occupants access to the largest number of amenities in any luxury second home development across India.

DELLA VILLAS has everything you would expect and much more.